Android or iOS for Startup Business?


At current era, Everyone running in the race of became successful or taking place on top of business competition so, no one has too much time for going to everywhere for eating, shopping etc… and choose everything is digital from ordering foods, cabs, cloths and etc.


Based on this As we are a startup when thinking about growing our business then must be gone through the digital world and started thinking about a website and mobile app which is the best way in current time.

The biggest question, which application platform is the best to build an app has been distracted our mind for so many times and now it has become a popular question over the years! the platform and app development battle may not be over maybe for now and after years.


In the end, we go ahead through App developing based on previous years ratio of mobile users or sales. Till 2018 88% Android mobile selling and start with Android App for growing business.

Android is also excellent for smaller businesses or start-up because of its easy/efficient process and low-cost development. Therefore, it helps a business to quickly enter the mobile app market.


Why Mobile Application for Business?

  • Cost Efficiency

    If compared to the iOS app, creating an Android app is cost-efficient. It can reduce the development costs and also offer affordable apps to the Android users and it helps a business grow to quicken it’s time to market.

  • Customizable

    An Android app can be customized easily to suit the business required. It gives the users a host of options so that the developers can experiment with its creativity.

  • Enhancing Visibility

    Mobile is a medium to attract more customers to our business and right now, most mobile users finding new apps for getting better than current services. Therefore, visibility to your target customer helps create the right connections for business. It helps in their decision making while buying a product or rendering services you could offer. It is advantageous to be “in the way” on the app store for the unconscious recording of your well-designed app or its icons, images and more.

  • Boosting Direct Marketing

    Benefits of a mobile app development for business include offers direct marketing opportunities with customers. Mobile Applications serve many functions, including providing general information, prices, booking forms, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, search options and more. The app notifications alert customers about promotions and upcoming discounts/offers.

  • Offering Incentives to Customers

    For attract or catch more customers to our website or store, the mobile app provides a better engagement. It could be in the form of a customer loyalty program, reward points, and more. The users who have installed the app could even get exclusive offers and special rewards. Therefore, the result is more downloads and catch more customers.

  • Strengthening Your Brand Awareness

    Mobile apps for business also lets you enhance the image of your brand. Therefore, the customers engage with your app the chances of them buying your product and service will be higher.

  • Better Communication

    One of the key advantages of mobile apps for business includes increasing the effectiveness of your communication channels. You can let the customers reach you via the app with active customer service as a critical element. It will save the customer’s time, and they will appreciate it. Also, if the customer wishes to contact you via the app, he or she does not have to look up your company’s contact number over the internet.

  • Staying Ahead of the Competition

    A big reason to launch a mobile app for your business is to gain a competitive advantage. For staying in rase of business competition there is a need to bringing new things or functionalities on a mobile application. It could comprise of on-the-spot awards, referral awards, cash-back offers and more. Whether developing an iOS app or a and android app, the mobile app can help you increase company profits by providing optimum sales growth.

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