API Driven Development

We all know there are many different development technologies and methodologies. Methodologies are like test driven development, feature driven development and rapid application development and many of others.

But an API driven Development is like real thing. What is API Driven Development is described below.


What is API Driven Development (ADD)?

First consider API, It is an Application Programming Interface which allows an external system to interact with our system. Now in ADD ,API is the first artefact to design during development process. API signature and specification like name, types are combined and considered as API contracts, Which are developed by front –end developers.

Front-end developers are responsible for creating the end user experience. API contracts are combination of back end and front end developers.

Process How to configure ADD ?

First of all consider front -end process, developers build mocks which uses the API services to display data to users and program interactions e.g. creating, refining, editing and deleting end user experience. Paralleling the back -end process is also run underlying the logic of the APIs. In last the front-end and back-end developers are brought together. This is the beauty of the ADD ,where front-end client and the API service can happen independently and in last they are brought together when they are ready.

Starting out a project, which is only focusing on data and logic ,is not so much good. Project must have good front-end ,User experience and good essence of platform. ADD provides all this in one. APIs are designed using the REST architecture with SOAP,XML,JSON etc.

APIs serve as interface between server and different programs and it reduces database hacks. It can utilized data which is already consumed from multiple applications. It manages dashboards /mashups and enable decision making fast.


  • Apart from the initial build and occasional twitches ,it has low cost maintenance .
  • API integration is easy. API has plain-text & XML-based messages so it has reusable functionality.
  • If you don’t have prior planning, there is okay. You just build whatever you’re told to build. You don’t need massive changes as short deadline hangs. So it provides solution for uncertainty and unproductive challenge.
  • It provides Good UI part which is required by all hand-held devices and browsers. It locks data structure and create database and its tables.
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