AppStore Optimization


Increase your organic downloads by focusing on the right keywords. Move up the charts in your app category as well for highly competitive target keywords. App Store Optimisation or ASO for short is the latest frontier in digital marketing. App ecosystems such as the iOS App Store and Google Play have revolutionised the way brands and customers interact with one another, creating a disruptive new way of content discovery and delivering communication.

But with billions of apps and millions of daily downloads, the goal of ASO strategy has meant brands need to become smarter and set clear goals to put your in front of the target audience, increase downloads and maximise user engagement and retention.

An optimised App and clearly defined objectives builds are our core foundations for successful app marketing.

How does ASO benefit your business?

ASO provides a number of benefits worth noting for your business. Below are just a few from a wide spectrum.

Increase traffic.

The more people download your app, the better it is to improve the sales as you can reach thousands of users in a very short time. The goal of more downloads from your app will increase in more purchase for your company; thus resulting in a higher income. The utilization of ASO for your company will result in higher rankings for your mobile app – which will increase your sales in the long run.

Greater online presence.

The fact that many people are downloading your app will also result greatly for your online presence. Having your app appear at the top of the search result means your company is officially in. People are more likely to go for the app that appears at the top – as a symbol that it is the one most recommended.

Greater customer loyalty.

Having an effective and popular app within the mobile world will create a greater chance of customer or brand loyalty. The fact that you can provide an application that is mobile friendly and creates a simpler method of purchase, means you are following the consumer’s needs. Customers will appreciate the adaptive characteristics of your company, and with an app that appears on the top of the search results, it only means that your app provides the best service.

App Store Optimization ASO Checklist

  • Build a fantastic app MVP that solves a user problem/demand
  • Run A/B Tests already in the design phase
  • Publish the app using the right App marketing Mix
  • Listen to your users and adapt the app
  • Ask your happy! users for a rating/review
  • Find the right App Keywords (different strategy in Google Play and App Store)
  • Put the App Keywords in the right place
  • Optimize the App Title with your new keywords
  • Optimize the App Subtitle with your new keywords
  • Marketing message: Promotional Text (iOS only)
  • App description that convinces your users
  • Showcase your app’s unique selling points in attractive Screenshots
  • Design a clear App Icon
  • Build a stunning App Preview Video
  • Find the right App Category
  • Optimize the App’s price
  • Minimize your app’s size
  • Localize your app to have more downloads and revenue
  • Plan to increase the total number of downloads
  • Download velocity (how many downloads your App did have in last days, weeks) to rank higher
  • App Updates have an impact on visibility, update every 4 weeks
  • App Ratings have a strong impact on ranking and conversion rates, ask your users
  • Reviews have a strong impact on ranking and conversion rates, ask your users
  • Active Users are not only a ranking factor but are where the money is!
  • De-Installs: retention rate is low in Mobile apps, work on onboarding process, improve your best features, get rid of features nobody uses
  • Build a GoToMarket Strategy for App Launch that includes Social Media, Traffic to your apps website, eMail, Referrals … and prepare this weeks before the final GoLive
  • SEO Aspects and Social Signs: yes, SEO does have an impact on Google Play
  • Mobile App A/B Tests to validate that you showcase the right thing to your users

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