Check out some of the finest IDEs of Node.js for your next project

IDEs for Node.js Development
Node.js is open-source and cross-platform and it is also a lightweight web framework, and also a very popular platform used by many big companies. It is considered the most powerful Javascript runtime. This framework allows the developer to handle the asynchronous and concurrent connections with ease and proficiency.
The main reason for the enormous popularity of Node.js is that it possesses the potent of developing a real-time app since it has an event-driven architecture, and also holds a non-blocking I/O model.
The best part is there are some Node.js IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which helps the developer in making top-notch applications without any problem.
An IDE has so many things like code debugger, code completion, build automation tool, code compiler, etc. If you want to develop efficient and modern applications, these IDEs can be at your rescue.
Some IDEs support single programming languages while other support multiple languages.

As a leading Node.js development company, here we have listed some of the amazing Node.js IDEs that will help you in building reliable and scalable applications. Check them out and pick the best one after comparing all of these in order to increase the efficiency of your app-

Visual Studio is developed by Microsoft and is one of the best and most popular IDEs of Node.js. With the help of this IDE, developers can easily compile the code and make the edits whenever they want.
Visual Studio Code is also known for its wide range of plugins as well as extensions and it also supports various programming languages that include JavaScript, C++, Python, and many others.

Following are some amazing features of Visual Studio Code-

  • Integration of Git
  • Live Sharing
  • Inbuilt command-line interface
  • Robust and expandable architecture
  • Zen mode and split views

This IDE helps the developer to maximize the productivity of apps as much as possible. It is a very smooth tool that can be used for developing web applications with the help of languages like JPQL, HTML5, Node.js, etc. 


If you are seeking to increase the productivity of your application, this IDE can be at your rescue. Some of its features are listed below-

  • Easy duplicate detection
  • Decompiler
  • Smart code completion
  • Inline debugger
  • Framework based assistance

Webstorm is one of the most powerful IDEs developed by Jetbrains. This helps you to achieve the server-side application effortlessly. It offers an impeccable way of coding with countless features that can make the app development process simple. 


Here is the list of some amazing features of Webstorm-

  • Integrated developer tools
  • Navigation and search
  • Facilitates teamwork
  • Customizable environment
  • Smart editor and specialized in JavaScript

AWS is the most used IDE by the developers since it has so much to offer, and the best part about this IDE is that it is cloud-based and can be used just by the browser. This is the most highlighted feature of Cloud9 as now NodeJS developer find it easy to develop the app with the help of it.

As it is based on the cloud, the developers can work according to their feasibility and comfort.

Some of the features of Cloud9 are listed here-

  • Wide range of run configuration
  • Debugger is integrated
  • Can be connected to any Linux server platform
  • Terminal is built-in
  • Tools integrated for serverless development

It is another cloud-based IDE and the most popular one among the developers. It is one of the proficient IDE for developing the app with Node.js. It has an open-source code editor and some other attributes including source-code generation, error checking, etc.


This is the perfect IDE for the big projects where multiple people and groups work on code and want to monitor it. Some of the prime features of Eclipse Che are-

  • “Dev Mode” option for workspace
  • Multi-projects
  • Development on a team-based approach
  • SSH access
  • Open-source and wide range of plugins

Again, it is a classic cloud-based IDE that is used to develop applications with the help of scripting languages MYSQL, Ruby, JavaScript (Node). The various benefits of Koding include- easy leverage of code, syntax highlighting, code preview, etc. To amend the different changes at once, it also supports the multi-cursor and simplifies the work of the developer.


Some top-tier features of Koding are mentioned below-

  • Seamless development in the cloud
  • Optional to code in the browser
  • Workflow preservation
  • No restrictions for hardware
  • Intuitive and flexible IDE

If you are in search of a cross-platform IDE, then Komodo IDE is the one. Komodo IDE allows you to run commands as well as you can create custom configurations too. 


If you want an efficient application, Komodo IDE can be at your rescue. Some of the features of this IDE are as follows-

  • Code intelligence
  • Unit testing and code debugging
  • Easy project navigation
  • Version management
  • Multi-window and split-view editing

Sublime text is both the code editor and an IDE. It is one of the powerful UI toolkits that lets you edit, mark, and prose without any hurdles. 

You can jump to various lines or words using the shortcuts, and manipulate the files faster. Thus, now you can customize everything just with the JSON files.


The features of Sublime text are-

  • Tabs can be multi-selected
  • Split editing is now possible
  • Cross-platform IDE
  • It has updated python API
  • Command palette

Brackets IDE comes with the features like inline editor, command line integration, line previewing, preprocessor support, and much more. It is indeed the most effective IDE and also possesses the in-built hint syntax that supports different programming languages as well as simplifies the code for developers.


The best features of brackets are mentioned below-

  • Live editing is possible with LESS and SCSS files
  • Automated and fast code completion
  • Easy to use UI
  • JavaScript debugger
  • Quick edits and open-source

This IDE works as an editor on the pre-installed electronic frameworks and it works on all the operating systems- macOS, Linux, Windows. It integrates with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node.js, and also it has a built-in package manager due to which developers can directly work with Git or Github.


The best essential features of Atom are listed below-

  • Auto-completion of code
  • Syntax checking
  • Finding and replacing is easy
  • File system browse
  • Multiple panes
Are you having a hard time choosing the right IDE?

Node.js is a comprehensive framework and it has various IDEs, and it becomes difficult for the developer to choose the best one. 

The list above contains some amazing and most useful IDEs, which are used by the developers of AspireEdge and you can do it too. 

If you are looking for an expert team that can help you in developing an app using Node.js, then we can help you. At AspireEdge, we have reliable and intuitive minds in our team who can help you utterly and deliver the best services with regards to Node.js.

Hire NodeJS developer today, and get the best services and guidance from experienced developers.

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