Everything you need to know about Android 13 and its features

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Android is one of the most used Operating systems throughout the world. As per the statistics, 95% of people around the world are Android users.

Starting from Version 1.0 to the latest version like Version 11 and 12, Android development has evolved a lot and has some amazing and unique features that a user will surely enjoy. 

The most recent versions of Android were Red Velvet cake and Snow Cone and the success of these versions was clearly visible.

After all these updates, Android 13 is making its way and the expectations of users will surely increase with this upcoming version. The upcoming Android 13 name is Tiramisu.

This is the timeline of the launch of the upcoming Android 13.

Android 13 looks promising and seems that it has so much to offer than we are expecting. In this blog, you will see some amazing features of Tiramisu that are worth the wait. 

Let us have a look at Android 13 and if the craze that we are expecting from its features is true or not

1. Privacy and Security at its best :

Android users always wanted to have an OS that is trusted and can keep their personal information secure and in the right place. Keeping this in mind, Android 13 is coming up with features where users possess authority and control over various apps and notifications. To start with-


a. Permission for notification :

The user will get the request where they will decide if they want a notification from the particular app or not. Now, apps will seek the permission of users before sending the notification.

b. Developer's downgradable permission :

Some of the apps might not require certain permissions because now we are offering a new API that will protect your user privacy by downgrading the previously granted runtime permissions.

2. Quick Settings tiles :

The new Android 13 is all set to thrive. One of its captivating features is that users can customize tiles to fit in the quick setting section of the notification shade. The developers can also add the feature where a notification instantly prompts and the user can add tiles just they want just by tapping on it. 

3. Themed app icons :

In Android 13, users will be able to choose the themes for their app icons. It is very easy to change the icons, and once you change them, the icons will inherit the colors of the wallpaper on your phone.

Check out this and understand how you can change the theme and the appearance of icons:

4. App-by-app languages :

Multi-Languages triumph! 

This is one of the best and different features of Android 13 so far. This is codenames as ‘Panlingual’ and this will allow the user to specify languages on apps by apps basis, which means, those people who use apps do not belong to native as their device’s system language will not have to face problems concerning the language barrier.

5. Android 13 will give full support for Bluetooth LE Audio : 

Low energy audio (LE) is the advanced version of classic Bluetooth that will have enabled audio transmission. It was added to Bluetooth SIG at CES last year as a part of the Bluetooth 5.2 specification. 

The good news is that Android 13 will now come with this Bluetooth LE and will offer a seamless experience to the users. 

Some of the features of LE audio are lower power consumption, multi-stream audio, support for wireless earphones, and the ability to broadcast audio with multiple audio sinking devices.

6. Nearby device permissions for WiFi :

By adding NEARBY_DEVICES_RUNTIME permission, now apps can be easily searched and connected to nearby devices, without location permission. It’s now easy for the developers to find nearby devices with the help of WiFi.

7. NFC payments for secondary users :

One essential feature that secondary users aren’t able to access when sharing a single device is the ability to make NFC payments, something that only the primary user has access to. Android 13 looks like it will add contactless payment support for multiple users on one device with the help of NFC.

Conclusion :

All the features mentioned above are listed in the preview 2 of
Android 13, and we will only be able to know more about them after the launch. But, these features excite us to see what more Android 13 hold for its users. 

The expectations are quite high indeed, and there is so much more to witness ahead in the world of Android. 

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