Flutter - Open Source UI software development kit

Nowadays there are two on demand cross-platform app development technologies

1. Flutter by Google
2. React Native by Facebook

As we know that day by day mobile app popularity is growing. Almost every company needs a mobile app. Companies are looking for an option to build mobile apps for iOS and Android to be developed faster and easier to modify it.

We know that Google and Apple have provided their own tools to develop applications. I,e Apple developer uses Xcode, swift while Android developer uses Kotlin/java with Android studio.

Flutter has started a massive adaptive rate since 2018 and its easiness and faster development attract developers to develop applications using it. Its engine is primarily made using C++ which provides low-level rendering support using ​skia​ graphics.

The Flutter project has been started by Google. Flutter is using the ​DART programming language which was already introduced by google in October 2011.

Advantage of using Flutter

When we see the syntax of Dart, it is very similar to java and javascript so it’s easy to understand as it has object oriented concepts.
Flutter engine’s major components are inbuilt in the framework so it does not need a bridge to communicate with native components. Flutter is also bundled with UI rendering components.
Flutter has very nice and descriptive documentation, so it’s very easy to work with it.

As we said earlier that flutter is getting more popular so its community is increasing day by day and getting very good support.

Flutter has a very nice ​widget​ testing feature.

It has a good command-line interface. By using it we can create binaries of the app.

It has very good documentation for building and releasing ​Android and ​iOS​ apps.

Let’s have a look on Flutter projects


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