How do you determine Ruby on Rails maintenance cost and reduce it?


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Are you all set to launch your RoR app? It must be a dream for you to finally see your business thrive? But wait, are you aware of the maintenance cost of Ruby on Rails and how to determine the cost and reduce it?

Even if you don’t know, it is okay because we are here to get you out of all the troubles. In this blog, you will get to know how to determine and reduce the maintenance cost of the RoR app with ease.


When it comes to Ruby on Rails web app development, you cannot overlook its maintenance costs for many reasons. You need to know what all costs will come your way when your app is finally live in the market.

To provide a better experience to your customers, you need to keep your application up-to-date. Developing an app with the Ruby on Rails framework gives you a scalable and strong platform that will grow your business across various sectors of the industry.

The cost of RoR maintenance may vary depending upon the updates that come throughout the year. However, the major updates usually come throughout the year. 

Let us start with understanding the elements that make Ruby on Rails a less costly framework-

1. Open-source and a free framework-

When people say that the Ruby on Rails framework is affordable, it is because it is an open-source platform with various free features that gives freedom to develop the application at a very minimal cost. There are no licensing or recurring payments involved, all you need is software and you are all set to build a mobile app for your business.

2. Many experienced developers are out there in the market-

If you decide today that you want to develop an RoR app, you will have a wide range of options. If you are not aware of development, you can always hire Ruby on Rails Developers UK, they are highly skilled and experienced developers who can help you through and through in developing a feature-rich RoR web app.

Thus you will have this opportunity to choose the best developers that fit perfectly under your budget. 

3. Fast development-

The RoR framework offers rapid development of mobile apps, which means now you can have the app as soon as possible. You do not need a team to work on a single project for a longer time.

What are the basic elements of RoR maintenance?

Here you will get to know what are the basic points that come under the maintenance and affect the cost of the maintenance. As an Agile Ruby on Rails development company, We will also see the benefits of maintaining and updating these elements to keep the cost of maintenance as low as possible.

When your website or app will be under maintenance, the user will assume that something better and updated is lined up.

Check out these basic yet important elements for the maintenance of the RoR app-

1. Monitoring server-
It is necessary to monitor the server on a timely basis to avoid problems when the users are using it. When keeping the check on the server, it will help you to block all the issues at the initial stages and save you from huge problems.
2. Regular gems updating-

When the gems are updated regularly you are keeping your web apps ready for the new enhancements and will surely offer a seamless experience to the users as well.

3. Make sure that the RoR code is secured-

It is necessary to have a secured code rather than an insecure code, so make sure you keep replacing the code from time to time to keep the app up to date. This will also help keep your app in trend just like others and you will keep providing a great experience to the users.

4. Improvising the deployment-

Continuous integration is vital when you have an app that is built on the RoR framework. When you keep up with the integrations, you will have the power to bring the fastest result to your users.

5. Ensure that you are improving the test suite-

Look after your Ruby on Rails testing suite because if you want to test the app, you can do it anytime you want when your suite will be updated. This allows you to remove the bugs and errors very easily and fast, and you can deliver the best experience to the users.

6. Write the complete documentation-

Make sure you document your Ruby on Rails project to make things easier in the future when your team might be working on something the same in the upcoming project.

How can you make the most out of the maintenance cost in Ruby on Rails app development?

Keep documentation up-to-date-
We have already asked you to document everything you do on the present project of RoR to understand what you need to do next. This will be also helpful when some of the team members have to leave the project and new ones might join in. During such circumstances, the new members can go through the documentation to understand what is going on and what needs to be done next. This can save a lot of your time and money on the other resources and you can carry on the project smoothly.
Monitor the errors and performance-

Make sure you keep the perfect balance of errors and performance in order to catch the problems in your Ruby on Rails application and tackle these problems with ease.

Keep your app updated with minor updates regularly-

Maintenance can be costly but important at the same time and to lower the cost you can update them regularly with minor updates. These minor updates come in a month or so. Do not avoid these updates because if you can’t update the app for a longer time, it will not only degrade the experience of the users but also increase your maintenance cost.

Refactor the code-

It is important to keep your code clean in the longer run. So, whenever you add a new feature to the app, you will be able to remove all the unnecessary and commented code.

Rebuilding when needed-

Sometimes, building a new feature or app can be a tedious job and this is why trying your hands on the reusable components can save you from all the unnecessary work and help you build the new app or feature only when needed.

How maintenance costs can be reduced in the Ruby on Rails project?

There are many strategies that can help you lower the cost of maintenance. We have picked some best strategies for you-

1. Try to keep the design simplified

If you have a highly complicated design in your RoR app, try to simplify it. When we talk about simplifying the design, we mean that keep it effective but try to find a way that requires less maintenance. When you do so, you are giving you are also saving the maintenance cost as well as the time of the designer.

2. Reducing the number of pages if needed

If there are unnecessary pages on the app, try to reduce them if there are more pages, all of them will require maintenance as well. This is the reason why you should remove the pages and manage the Ruby on Rails app accordingly.

3. Trying to lower the complexity of the app

Remove the features that are not really required to make the app more efficient and manageable. You do not need a comment section if your website is not selling any products. This way you are making your app less complex, which will also result in fewer maintenance costs.

4. Choose the right developers

Lastly and most importantly, you need the right team of Ruby on Rails developers. Take your time, do your research and then choose the right developers who possess the knowledge and who know how properly make a Ruby on Rails app and maintain it after the deployment. Finding the right RoR developers can be a daunting process, but it is important.


The Ruby on Rails application maintenance depends on all of these elements and also on the developers you hire. All you need is the right team but we are at your rescue. At AspireEdge, we care about your project as well as the maintenance cost.

Once you hire us, we take care of everything from scratch to deployment. To know more, drop an email at and our team will assist you.

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