How much does it cost to develop an app with Flutter in 2022?


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Our day is centred around a variety of mobile applications, including social networking platforms and fitness apps. Applications for mobile devices are seen to be essential for all of our other activities. Mobile app developers are required to create more of them as user demand increases.

The enormous demand for mobile applications has kept developers, and business owners busy creating applications and estimating development costs. This blog post will provide you with an overview of why Flutter is a good choice for app development and how much it will cost in 2022.


In 2017, Google released Flutter, which was immediately identified as one of the most stable cross-platform frameworks. Thanks to Flutter, programmers can design mobile apps for iOS and Android with a single codebase. According to Statista, Flutter is the best cross-platform framework and one of the top 10 most used frameworks overall.

Why do people rely on Flutter?

You might wonder why growing startup choose Flutter development. What follows reveals the reasons for the high cost of developing a Flutter app. The benefits listed below make Flutter a reasonable option for app development:

1. Less testing time

Single codebase QA can save time since they just need to test one application version as a result of the development. For the QA staff and developers, less time spent testing is a blessing. When a Flutter application created for one platform functions seamlessly and effectively on other platforms, it is a blessing. Saving time and money is possible without sacrificing the application’s quality.

2. Low development cost

The cost of developing a Flutter application would be lower automatically since less time and resources would be needed.

3. Improved UI and UX

Flutter provides the best user experience through the usage of Virtual UI design in Flutter-based applications. As a business owner, you’ll want to publish your application as soon as possible to take advantage of all marketing benefits. Your app will enter the market more quickly the sooner it is released.
Additionally, your earliest users’ experiences assist you to comprehend their perspectives, from which you can learn about their expectations. The reusable materials and components in Flutter’s most recent release have been greatly enhanced, boosting its versatility and enhancing its creativity.

4. Reusability of code

When creating applications, Flutter enables developers to reuse the same code base across many platforms. This advantage increases its flexibility in bug-fixing and speeds up its development.

Factors affecting the cost of Flutter app development-

- The flutter app development time as compared to Native app-

We take into account the time required to develop native applications for both platforms. With the help of the cross-platform framework Flutter, programmers can create code once and use it for both Android and iOS. As a result, compared to developing a native app, the time estimation for Flutter apps is reduced by 50%.

- The complexity of features

Your mobile application’s complexity will significantly influence the estimation. The lengthier the development process takes, the more complicated the features are. Any mobile application’s must-have features and the cost of its development are directly correlated with its importance.
A simple feature can be created in four to five days, but complex features like chat, video calls, payment integration, and others can take up to two months to complete. How many qualified developers you need to hire will also depend on how complicated the features are. Additionally, the cost of development increases in direct proportion to the skill of the developer. Everything is therefore interrelated.

- Experience of the developers

What also matters is the experience of the developers you are going to hire for a project. Someone who possesses 2-3 years of experience might charge you less as compared to the one who is in the field for years. However, at this stage, you must take the decisions wisely and ensure that you explore everything, understand your requirement, and then hire the experts for the project.

- Customisation of UI/UX

The cost may also vary depending upon the requirements of the design for your app. If you need your app to be simple, you can it might cost you less, as compared to when you need a unique design. You can also do this with the developers and discuss what they have to say about it.
All these are the important factors that will affect the overall investment in the cost of developing a mobile app using Flutter.

What is the price of developing a Flutter app in India?

The charges of the companies may vary depending upon their brand name and the services they offer.
Many companies are offering the services for Flutter app development in India. But, one of the most trusted and reliable companies is AspireEdge. We understand how important your project is for you thus we offer quality services at an affordable price. The best part is that we have knowledgeable and proficient Flutter experts who will be helping you in the process.

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