How much does it cost to hire a Ruby on Rails developer?

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Ruby on Rails is a comprehensive framework to help you bring your ideas to life and turn them into business. It is the most preferred back-end framework. Ruby on Rails is unquestionably a fantastic option for your software development needs, whether you seek speedy prototyping or support to bootstrap your project from scratch utilising with the help of best practices in the industry.

However, there are many factors to consider when hiring Ruby on Rails, such as the project’s scope and scale, the features’ complexity, the developer’s talents and expertise, and the company’s needs and objectives. This blog covers all of those areas and offers precise and accurate answers on the cost of hiring a Ruby on Rails developer as well as all the essential factors that influence the entire cost of developing a Ruby on Rails project.


You will be expected to have a clear concept of what you are attempting to build before we delve into the specifics of the budget. For creating a website’s back end, Ruby is used with Rails and the MVC – Model-View-Controller framework.
Additionally, Ruby is most frequently employed as a general-purpose programming language to create desktop programmes and domain-specific languages. Along with Ruby, it can be used in embedded systems, such as Internet of Things devices.
If you intend to engage an RoR developer, you must first write out all the project requirements clearly the concept of the abilities, knowledge, and experience you will require for your project. Now that the project has been precisely outlined, it’s time to comprehend the budget.

Let’s go over the key elements that have a big impact on the cost of hiring a Ruby on Rails developer

- Competencies of a Developer

Depending on the experience and skill set the developer is bringing to the project, the price of Ruby on Rails development may change. Developers that can successfully design digital products and quickly meet business objectives are often preferred by organisations. The experiences of developers are typically divided into two main categories: junior developers and senior developers. Let’s explore because other elements also have an impact on the cost of employing RoR engineers.

- Ruby on Rails Junior Developer

A novice developer or one with less than three years of experience is referred to as a junior developer. These programmers are familiar with SQL databases and have a foundational understanding of Ruby on Rails. The average hourly rate for a junior developer ranges from $35 to $50, according to Upwork.

- Senior Ruby on Rails developer

Senior Ruby on Rails developers has extensive knowledge of the Ruby on Rails framework and other back-end languages. Senior Ruby on Rails developers often charges between $40 and $100 per hour.

1. Project-based pricing

Typically, Ruby on Rails engineers charges between $15 and $50 per hour. The price to employ Ruby on Rails, in contrast, is determined by the engagement model (project-based), which can be one of a fixed-price model, a time and material model, or a model with a dedicated development team.

2. Fixed-price

The fixed-priced engagement model has already established specifications and prices, which must be fulfilled by the deadline. In the fixed-price approach, the project requirements cannot be changed while the application is being developed.

3. Time and material-based model

The Time and Material Model is typically chosen by businesses with long-term support needs and pre-established business requirements. With this paradigm, the development process is broken up into several stages and given more freedom. The T & M approach allows for negotiation of all development costs, including the hiring of resources and the purchase of materials, etc.

4. Dedicated Development Team Model-

A popular engagement approach for developing remote applications is the dedicated development team concept. This methodology is typically used by startups and enterprise-grade enterprises to ensure transparency and quick market-ready software development. The dedicated development approach combines a fixed price model with time and materials. With this strategy, hiring a Ruby Rails engineer will be more expensive overall than with the other two models.

How much does it cost to hire an RoR developer in India?

Compared to a country like the US, the average cost of recruiting Ruby on Rails engineers will continue to be lower. To ensure that your product is developed correctly, you must select the best development company, such as AspireEdge. At AspireEdge, the average cost to employ a Ruby on Rails developer is the lowest price. Therefore you get the best quality services at an affordable price.

We hope that this serves your goal of learning the precise parameters that influence the price of developing a Ruby on Rails application and the cost of hiring a Ruby on Rails developer. The cost in the blog article may change depending on the aforementioned conditions. To deliver the most outstanding results on the finest budget, business owners should, nevertheless, hire the best Ruby on Rails development company.

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