How We Work

We follow Agile methodology

Our clients matter to us the most, and this is the reason why we follow Agile methodology for the development of your project. At AspireEdge, we follow the Agile method since we know that it is the best way of producing software in very iterations, and all this can be done on a continuous delivery schedule.  

The iterative approach can be considered as one of the significant principles of Agile Methodology. We are following the “Scrum model” strategy to make the mind-boggling software for you. Scrum allows us to efficiently collaborate in the teams so that we can use the best of our knowledge and solutions during the development process.

How Agile works


The Product owner needs to understand the idea of the client first


The product owner and client together create the requirement backlog list


All the necessary requirements will be then added to PMS


The client than meets the team and discuss the whole plan


The product owner and the client decide which tasks top the priority list


The team later decides to take the important tasks into a sprint.

All the tasks taken into Sprint are then assigned to different teams and members

The daily meetings are conducted to get the present status of the project. (meetings are also called Scrum).


The status of work is daily updated on the PMS so that the client knows everything about the project.


After the completion of Sprint tasks, the client will have a rough idea of the project.


If the client wants any changes, the requirements will again be added into the backlog and then taken into sprint based on the priority specified by the client or Product owner.

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After the changes, the project will be shown to the client, and once approved, it will be deployed for further use.

Agile (Scrum framework) at glance

Agile Scrum


More flexibility
More productivity
More transparency
Products of Superior Quality
Products of superior quality
Decreased risk of missed goals
Optimized development
Optimized development
Excellent project control
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