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Travel destinations vary enormously when it comes to different people as they have varied preferences and wilderness capabilities to become absolutely one with the nature in the short vacation that they can treat themselves into.


Ofcourse, it would be so much easier if such possibilities were there. And they can be done. At AspireEdge, the amazing knowledge digging team is up and ready to build travel and hospitality apps that will help make travel planning the easiest task on the face of the earth.

Real Estate

When softwares merge with economy, Real estate softwares are created. We are in the era of technological advancements which lead us into believing that economy, business and technology can be well connected. And if such a connection is achieved, prosperity is bound to follow.

Since real estate means real or physical possession of property including buildings and land, air rights and underground rights, due to the technological advancements, various types of softwares can be crafted to deal with some of the most feared problems of the real estate industry.

Real estate market deals with buyers and sellers. The best tactic of survival in such a market is by being highly informed about the current affairs and keeping correct records of the market value of properties by taking the help of Real estate software development companies.


Transportation is an essential part of a logistics operation, where good are transported from their origin to destination. Modern means of transportation are built across speed, technology, safety, and reliability are greatly dependent on technologies.


The on-demand taxi and dispatch system has taken the transportation industry by storm. People, in major cities, have almost have given up on the idea of hailing a taxi. Now, they take their phone, open the app and tap ‘Book Now’.


Just a glance at these insightful statistics helps one to understand the massive potential online education has worldwide


1. E-learning saves almost 50% when it replaces traditional teacher-student education system


2. In 2014 roughly 46% of college students took at least one course online. However, by 2019, approximately 50% of all college classes will be online


The hospitality industry is an industry that depends on the availability of leisure time. Restaurant, hotel, events like multiple groups direct operation covers into hospitality. The success of business depends on how your hospitality team and business model is.
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