Is Ruby on Rails ideal for a SaaS project?


SaaS is a Software as a Service project which deals with development through coding. Before diving into which backend technology will be best for SaaS, let’s get to know what SaaS is.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is an online portal which hosts certain facilities in respect to a membership fee paid by the customer. Let’s take the example of Netflix. As we all know, it’s a very big platform for hosting web series and movies. This site can be accessed by all. But where the developer kicks in is the membership fee. The facilities offered by Netflix are exclusive to it’s paid members. This is a big SaaS project.


Why do we consider Ruby suitable to develop SaaS products?

To build a SaaS product, you will need developers who are accustomed with their codes. They need to be sharp in order to check the corner cases. Ruby as a high level programming language has been in the market. For over ten years, Ruby has served a great deal of online platform projects. After Rails gave it it’s framework, it became even easier to work with.


In a SaaS project, you need to create the project files in such a way that you will not require individual installations. Like any other authentic software disks bought from a tech shop, requires installation, a webapp should not. The concept of a webapp is that you can access it irrespective of the system you’re using.


Let’s delve deeper into some of the SaaS projects done using Ruby on Rails.


Popular projects under Ruby: 


GitHub: When we talk about Ruby projects, GitHub is the pinnacle of Ruby success. We can bet you already guessed it.


1. GitHub is the most popular open source repository in the world. With over 22 million users and 61 million repositories worldwide, GitHub is the developers hub.


2. Coders from across the globe create accounts, and solve queries. The community GitHub has formed is almost a question bank for developers.


3. The background data is digitally monitored and connected through database. All this has been possible using Ruby on Rails.


Airbnb: Airbnb is yet another Ruby success project. Air bnb is an online portal which allows customers for travelling facilities.


1. Booking hotels, or tours, flight tickets, destination tickets, tree houses, boats anything and everything. This is the perfect destination web application.


2. It helps the traveller save a tonne of cash.


3. This is a SaaS project which does not require pre installation in separate machines. This can be easily done through Ruby.


Photo or Image Editors: Pixlr, the highly acclaimed web app of 2008 was created using Ruby on the framework called Rails.


1. And ever since then, a lot of other applications have been made. Pixlr offers a wide array of usable picture editing tools.


2. In this web app one can add camera images and use different filters to change the overall look.


3. The transformation of the image when compared to the original one is massive.


Business-manager: Another fantastic SaaS option if you are a start-up owner is the business manager.


1. If you want to manage the daily proceedings of your business, business manager is your answer.


2. Often you might create partners in the business market, Basecamp can do absolutely that for you. With users over 5 million, Basecamp is popular for solving the mess of details that clog startup companies.


3. This is yet another phenomenal Ruby on SaaS development project. The success rate of using Ruby for huge projects is tremendous.


4. Ruby has time and again proven to the best and most versatile technology for a perfect backend.


Website based product marketing: – When it comes to trending new and product data analytics, Bloomberg went unbeaten till a few years back and yes, it is made using Ruby on rails.


Ruby coupled with Rails is an incredible advancement towards technology and the internet at large. A lot of effects and presets can be applied with ease using Ruby on Rails. When it comes to frontend coding of websites, it is a dynamic, elegant and legible coding language. It is extremely easy to learn as the syntax of the codes used are legible and make sense when read together. The only drawback from which it suffers is that its compilation time. The time required for complex codes is too long for the modern fast paced lifestyle.


Nevertheless, Ruby on Rails has always been a fundamental tool for application building. With Ruby many huge projects had been created as mentioned above. A less popular project of Ruby is Instagram. The issue is that with the increase in user base of Instagram, Ruby had to be shifted. Now, Instagram’s most files are opened using JavaScript, and some fundamentals are opened using Ruby. Ruby on Rails was the biggest tech in creating Instagram as an application.


Benefits of Ruby on SaaS:

SaaS projects requires imagination more than expertise, so Ruby helps. Ruby makes it easier to code the basics and allows you to explore your imagination.


The experienced coders all over the world claim that Ruby is extremely easy for the beginners to coding. According to them it is also advisable to code in Ruby as it is fun to work with. Before the accord with Rails, Ruby was comparatively less popular as very less people actually sat and code programs back then.


Ruby on Rails is the best platform to create websites as one gets all the effects and library classes in one single platform. Everything is categorized and segregated so that you will not lose your way.


After you gain a considerable amount of knowledge on Ruby you might find it easier to figure out how to work in different languages. As previously stated, Ruby on Rails is fantastic for coding for beginners.

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