Is Ruby on Rails the perfect backend technology?


Thousands of developers each year stumble over the superiority of Ruby on Rails over other backend technologies. Java has been in the market since coding was born. It was the only usable platform back then.


With the introduction of Ruby on Rails developers thought of giving it a try. Equipped with so many useful features like time efficiency, faster runtime, modules and plugins Ruby became an instant hit.


Let’s delve deeper to see what exactly has been the head turner for Ruby.


Time efficiency:  Ruby has been an all time blessing when we talk about time efficiency. You can code simple things pretty fast using the modules and plugins. If you are inclined to make a big application with lots of features, Ruby is for you. You will not have to code for the basic functions. Instead you can simply use functions and readymade codes from the huge library.


Active community:

1. The Ruby on Rails software and framework is an open source coding platform. Over four thousand people from GitHub and other websites actively solve each other’s queries thus updating the framework community overall.


2. In websites like Stackoverflow developers often answer queries of other developers or beginners. It is highly unlikely that a beginner’s query goes unanswered. Over the years, the community and chat support has led to its massive expansion. Which ultimately helps new coders learn the basics of programming.


3. Answering the questions of fellow developers’ increase the repute of senior developers. It makes it easier for beginners as they now know whose solutions to trust.


Ruby is here to stay:

1. Owing to its vast abilities, Ruby on Railsis nowhere close to dying. Surpassing all other coding and development languages Ruby is back again. This was in due courtesy to the cloud computing maestro AWS (Amazon Web Services).


2. They are planning to expand their services to server less computing. Standing tall even till the 2018 awards, as the most used language of GitHub. Ruby on rails is still used for some of the higher end websites where otherwise mostly JavaScript is used.


The perfect backend language:

1. Communicating with other developers through Ruby is super easy. When Rails gave Ruby their framework, the overall boosted very much. Owing to its friendly and active community no question goes unanswered.


2. The young developers get to learn so much from the community. Solves of complex coding problems are at their fingertips. Using Ruby as a base to learn coding is the best way to it.


3. Some of the important projects under Ruby include GitHub. The way the active community of Ruby responds gives a clear indication of its efficiency.


Indentation pattern:

1. Pattern of indentation does not matter much while writing small codes. But when writing complex codes, that might be viewed years later, indentation helps. Ruby helps developers get the hang of using indentations.


2. Without proper indentation and scripting, codes in Ruby misbehave. This gives young developers a chance to learn their basics right. In other platforms like Node.js or javascript in general, indentation does not really matter.


3. Coders who write codes without proper indentation suffer from reading issues. That is why Ruby on Rails serves as the perfect backend technology for beginners.



1. Cost efficiency is one of the several advantages of hiring an expert Ruby on Rails developers for the company. They can do both frontend as well as backend coding. And being cost efficient does not mean a compromise on the quality of the products delivered to the clients.


2. Furthermore, Ruby on Rails developers can use a lot of database languages like MySQL and Oracle to backup their work as they would be familiar with these databases.


3. This in turn saves a lot of cash for the company. Hiring one complete developer who knows backend and frontend is enough. He will be able to handle most of the logistics involved.


Easy for effects:


1. Since its massive worldwide release on November 2004, Ruby on Rails has helped hundreds of backend developers. Creating an amazing array of fantastic and efficient websites. You only need to imagine the effect you want in your web application to get it coded in Ruby!


2. Using the multiple libraries and plugins as is present in Ruby, effects are easily achievable. There already exists a lot of effects. You can choose from them or you can change some. Creating unique and beautiful websites.


Test Automation: The community of Ruby developers is big into testing and test automation of software and web apps. This becomes incredibly valuable in helping to deliver good quality software maintaining proper documentation and timeline.


Libraries: There’s a gem (3rd party module) for just about anything you can think of. They are all publicly available and searchable through One of the greatest Ruby community contributed libraries can be found in Instantly publish your gems and then install them. Their custom built API helps to find the the instant gem easily.


These are some of the most common for the widespread usage of Ruby for a developer’s choice. Owing to so many opportunities and advantages Ruby has earned its name. Coding is undoubtedly easier with Ruby than with any other platform. The fast plugins help reduce the amount of code to be written. There are so many libraries to choose from.


Developed initially in the early 1990s, Ruby is an Object-Oriented programming language. It has kept itself open source. Meaning, anyone can contribute to its development. Ruby’s user interface is extremely user friendly. Moreover, it is a dynamic programming language, that adds to its charm.


Ruby on Rails is considerably older software. The latest version called Ruby on Rails 5.2.2 released on December 2018 made quite an impact. Irrespective of the pace of compilation of complex codes, Ruby on Rails is universally acclaimed to be fantastic software to coding beginners as it has an extremely easy syntax base. This gives Ruby the name of a perfect backend technology.

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