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Is Node JS the future?

As the world progresses to a whole new tech savvy generation, the use of websites increases all the more. And the king pin of it, the rope that ties all the secluded coding languages together, used to make a website, seems to be Javascript. Now, there are a lot of components of Javascript. They are called runtime environments of the language. As often times people get a wrong impression of Node.JS being a framework of Javascript, it is not so.

How is Node JS different from ASP or PHP?

The way ASP or PHP handles a case: -
  • Receives a task request from the client.
  • Forwards it to the computer’s file management system.
  • Awaits the response from the system while it opens the file and reads it.
  • Sends back the output to the client.
  • Takes the next request.
The way Node JS handles a case: -
  • Receives a task from a client.
  • Forwards it to the file management system.
  • Gets ready to receive the next request from any potential client.
  • Sends the output to the original client when the output arrives.

From the above description, it is eventually evident that Node JS takes a lot less amount of time to accomplish the same number of client requests and to return the outputs without counting on the type of system it is operating with.

As everything in the world comes with a price, there are certain out of the box advantages that come along with the web development maestro, Node JS.

Advantages over other environments of Javascript:-

  1. The factor of scalability: - Node JS allows the web designers an easy and user friendly interface using which they can easily frame their web elements. The size and parameters of their website elements can be understood and used to their advantage. The horizontal as well as the vertical distinct scaling that is already available in the Node JS environment is lacking in other Javascript environments.
  2. Learning easy: - Javascript being the rage of the world web development right now has a huge base. Almost all the web developers are familiar with the frontend coding using Javascript. Therefore, it automatically becomes easy to master Node JS which is often times used for backend development.
  3. Fullstack environment: - 3. Being an absolutely single programming language, Javascript can be used for both backend and frontend development. Both the client based and server based codes can be done in Javascript which becomes efficient as well as economic to the companies which require developers as only one developer will be able to do both the frontend as well as the backend.
  4. High octane output software: - Since the codes from Node JS are compiled by using Google’s v8 engine, which in turn converts the code directly to machine language, this particular environment gives faster and hassle free outputs even if the code is huge.
  5. Using cache to its full: -The Node JS runtime environment uses the cache locations of the computer effective efficiently. What it does is that it loads the effects and presets coded in a website and the next time the same code is compiled, it produces the effects faster as they were already stored as cache memory in the machine. Developers find it easy and fast to work with as during website creating one might try different effects multiple times with minimum variations.
  6. Extensibility: - Loaded with various other APIs, Node JS is a designer’s dream. Every coded line ever written in this software can be customized according to the client’s wishes. If someone wants to exchange data between the website and its server, it can be accomplished using JSON which can be interlinked with Node JS. This is the actual power of its extensibility.
  7. Request handling: -When it comes to Node JS, as mentioned earlier it has the capability of handling requests simultaneously without any time lag in between the processing of those return requests. Apart from that it can also be used to store any input given by the client in case of information storing websites.

Having close to no disadvantages as compared to its long list of advantages, Node JS has indeed become the trident for web designers.

ASPIRE EDGE: Efficiency Personified.

There are bunches of software and applications developing companies who are set on a venture to etch their names deep into the world economy as the next generation which is about to come is going to be all about superior technologies and flawless websites. This is exactly where ASPIRE EDGE comes into picture.

Depth of knowledge on Node JS

Keeping in mind the delicacy of deadlines, ASPIRE EDGE, is altogether popular for delivering difficult projects right on time. Packed with a group of efficient, diligent and knowledge hungry individuals, it offers to take on tasks and manages to complete it effectively to make an impact on the viewers mind.

Our Team

Unlike other companies, ASPIRE EDGE focuses on the task at hand and their Node JS team revolves around the client’s requirements and also the budget involved so as maximizing the output as parallel to the investment involved.

Node.JS using JSON

If the requirement happens to be in the criteria of JSON whereby certain client based necessary customization is to be made, one can always count on ASPIRE EDGE JSON team to efficiently handle the matter.

The type of applications that can be developed using Node JS

Node.JS is very versatile software and hence a bunch of other things can be easily and craftily made using it. The next gen is going to be a generation of web apps and that is exactly what Node.JS makes.

  • Using IOT: - The team of Node.JS at ASPIRE EDGE has the experience of developing IOT (Internet of Things) based applications using Node.JS as Node.JS has the ability to process a shower of client requests simultaneously without any hassle from millions of network devices at a time.
  • Real-Time is the real deal: - ASPIRE EDGE also specializes in creating real time chat applications or web applications where two or more people can easily pass on text, audio or video messages without any time lag in between and it can only be done by using the vast API of Node.JS that has ‘emitters’ custom made for such purposes.
  • When asynchronous meets AJAX: - Since mobile applications are so much in demand how can web applications stay behind? So, to bridge that gap, at ASPIRE EDGE, they aim to build desktop applications using Node.JS backed up by AJAX. Using the amazing technology of asynchronous coding and multiple request handling, both the server side and client side codes can be kept in one HTML file and then the side tabs or bars can be separated in other connected files such that when the user clicks on a link he doesn’t has to see all the elements reloading, instead, he will see only the required elements changing in form which will in turn give him a desktop application experience.
  • Collaborations: - Oftentimes it is seen that the requirement to edit a sheet by both clients is a tough job to accomplish. But, since Node.JS has stepped into the game, the tables have turned. Now, two people sitting miles and miles away from each other can simultaneously edit their changes in a single document by using what they call as real time collaborations software. The question is how can that be possible? Well, in all honesty, Node.JS has the mesmerizing capability of creating real time collaborations using its asynchronicity. At ASPIRE EDGE there sits a team of developers who are enthused and understanding regarding the clients demands and is willing to go to any end to meets their expectations.
  • M.A. (Microservices Architecture): - As complex as it sounds, micro services architecture deals with little packets of programs that can be merged together to create a humongous website application. A fantastic example of it is Netflix. They have programmed a lot of small packets of instructions into separate segments and then joined them together for the website to function properly. The benefits obviously, are that faults can be pinpointed without any hassle and similarly editing and changes can be made without any delay. ASPIRE EDGE is amazing when it comes to this as they have done works like these before and have given their hundred percent to client satisfaction.

All in all, Node JS is a hot cake in the market and is the tool that can be revolutionary in the sphere of web designing and development. As for why you should place your trust in ASPIRE EDGE, they have all it takes to please a client and are willing to put everything at stake to make you achieve your dream.

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