Pro Esports Gaming


About Project

Pro Esports Gaming respresents who always dreamed of becoming professional players or streamers. Users can subscribes and can get participates online gaming. They can able to see list of users who participates and online game stream. They can create own lobby and invite friends to participates in it.


  • CodeIgniter
  • MySQL
  • Jquery
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • AWS
  • Github
  • PayPal

User Features

  • Users can subscribe and can get participates online gaming
  • Users can create Live lobby and can invite friends to participates in it
  • Users can send friend request and live chat each other
  • Visitors can view game streaming
  • Ecommerce for games, T-shirts and other products

Admin Features

  • Users Management
  • Package Management
  • Games category Management
  • Payment history
  • Store Management

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