About Project

Travelshopa provide guidelines to the customer regarding local stores. The travelshopa is a global network of style conscious shoppers, emerging designers and independent retailers as well as industry professionals across Asia, the Americas and Australia. With hand-picked designers and retailers from around the world, plus insights from local style-makers, we are revolutionising how to shop local. From bricks and mortar stores to online boutiques, we celebrate local brands in fashion and homewares and scour the world for the very best brands so you don’t have to.
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User Features

Store owner can subscribe and create own store with gallery images and other store content

Users can search brand of local city wise

Store owners can view statistics graphs for clicks / views

Graphs available monthly / yearly wise

Advance search functionalities available for users

Live chat

Admin Features

Users Management

Stores Management

Category / Sub-category Management

Subscription Management

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