Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the Future of Web development.

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Just think users are interacting with your website like an application. Users can add your website’s icon to their mobile home screen like an application. Users do not wait for content to load after each event. They can easily access your website without loading. These are normal web pages with a few step ahead abilities…

“Add Website Icon to Home screen” — This Word indicates that we take PWA apps as a website that behaves like native apps.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is not that different from other web applications,  It’s built with popular web technologies such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript.  But they go a few steps ahead, They combine the web’s and native mobile apps to offer a significantly enhanced user experience.

Let’s take a look at the salient features that make progressive web Apps so popular.

  • Send Push notification
    Google Chrome introduced push notification through a browser on desktop and mobile both. Using its website can send real-time notifications to the user and for that website doesn’t need user’s details like email or etc.
  • Connectivity Independent
    Progressive Web Application doesn’t depend on user connectivity, It means users can access web pages offline, and for that thanks to its service workers technology.
  • Secure
    Progressive Web Application’s all very secure because all requests are intercepted via service workers. It could be hosted over HTTPS to avoid cyber attacks.
  • Install able
    Users can install a PWA app on their mobile’s home screen and for that user doesn’t need to visit the app store.
  • Responsive
    Progressive web apps have a responsive web design. It’s able to access any attributes of the user’s browsers and devices.
  • SEO Friendly
    Progressive web apps developed and work like websites. So they can be indexed in search engines.
  • Cross-Platform
    Progressive web apps work through a browser so it’s not dependent on any Operating system (Android or IOS). So it’s also cost-effective in terms of development and maintenance.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) continue to grow, It’s fast and effective and many brands are moving towards the development of PWAs (Combination of mobile and web apps).

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