Rails Upgrade Service

Considering the upgradation, attempting to upgrade an existing application you should have good reason to upgrade. Factors like new features need, difficulty to find support for old code and time & skill availability are needed.

The application still works after upgradation is to have good test coverage before starting process. Consider automated tests which are beneficial to check applications. Just spend time manually and exercising all the parts which are changed. In Rails Upgrade ,that will mean every single piece functions in the application. Just make sure the test coverage is good before upgradation.

Ruby On Rails 5.1.1 is the latest version of ROR. It is officially out and in use. There are some basic and major changes to the previous version of ROR. New JavaScript abilities with Yarn and Webpack is major change of ROR. Capybara, Encrypted secrets are system tests.


Benefits of ROR 5.1.1 Version and Why to Upgrade to Rails 5?

Though there are many new, expedient, good features are included in new version of ROR like Action Table, The new command router, test runner and faster development mode. It brings many benefits for Rails Application. Rails focus on major improvement ,so efficiency, performance and memory usage are also upgrade. The new version of Ruby On Rails gives developer to get better equipped to extract more value out of the server resource of a company.

After releasing Rails 5,older version of Rails 4.1 are not supported anymore. Only Rails 5.0.x and 4.2.x are useful for bug fixing. So upgradation to these two version is necessary because if did not than application becomes vulnerable to the bugs and that have no fixes available anymore. New version v5.x is in use and v3.x is not receiving any updates not even in critical security update. So for security also ,do not let application, customers and business vulnerable.

Configuration to move to Ruby On Rails 5.0.X

1. The latest version of Ruby On Rails supports only Ruby 2.2.2 and above versions We all know Rails 5.x is the latest version of Rails, so to use this latest version ,we should have appropriate Ruby version. This ROR version will only work with Ruby 2.2.2 and above. It is necessary for performance improvement.

2. Upgrade existing Ruby On Rails application to the latest version For this we must build our new Rails application on the latest version, and make feasible to upgrade version.

3. The latest upgraded version execution at a time The version below 4.2.x has multi-stage upgradation and they require upgradation of one version at a time. If you don’t do this you have chance to miss some most critical deprecation warnings, security issues and vulnerabilities.

4. Upgradation of entire Rails Development environment Upgradation of whole Rails development environment is necessary ,notinly Rails version. This sets up all the gems for future development. Consider that all want their self to upgraded ,and they have highest priority for version upgrades, but they do small upgrades over massive upgrades and it make entire process complicate. So if you are not convinced to do entire environment upgradation ,feel free to share your FAQs and doubts to us?

Our help towards you

  • We works with ROR since many years and do research, experiment too.
  • The advantage is our experience and its also beneficial for upgradation also.
  • We have ROR experts ,they can help with effective audit and quickly.
  • We have knowledge, leadership & experience and with them provides guidance.
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