Ruby on Rails- An excellent framework that has everything you need


Everything is evolving because of revolutionization and the app development frameworks are also transforming. One of the oldest and preferred frameworks is Ruby on Rails. 


So many changes have been introduced to this framework, yet people have a hard time and get confused if they should choose this framework or not. The developers suggest this framework because they know the benefits it has. However, there are so many other frameworks that are in trend at present, but there are some strong reasons why choosing Ruby on Rails mobile app development at a time where technologies are on-demand, will be a good choice.


Let us delve more into the reasons and understand the importance of Ruby on Rails-

  • It is a matured framework-

    When we say that RoR is matured programming language, it does not mean that it is boring. It means that the language is more stable, refined, productive, and allows the developer to create a wonderful platform for the business. If the developer uses this framework optimally, they would bring the best aspects and elements to your app because Ruby on Rails offers so much.

  • Simple, clear, and logical framework-

    Ruby on Rails is one of the simplest frameworks, which results in easy and fast development. The updated version of Ruby on Rails has opened a new door for developers with so many extra features, including checking, multi-threading, and much more.

    This change keeps Ruby on Rails strong enough and is eventually a practical choice for business owners.

  • Perfect framework for developing MVPs-

    Imagine, you have a great idea of developing an app. You shared the idea with an investor and they are curious to see how does your app looks like.

    You will have two options:

    1. You will have to create a wireframe, which might look complicated. Or
    2. You can ask a developer to create MVP using Ruby on Rails so that investors will understand the way your app looks and how it works.

    The second option sounds way better than the first one, isn’t it?. You can get a market-ready product with at least basic features and improve the app the way you want.

  • Massive resources are available-

    Since it is the oldest framework, there are countless resources available in the market. In fact, the community is getting bigger each day, which means that the developers will have the support of the community because RoR has a huge community.

    Now that you are aware of these aspects of Ruby on Rails, you know that this framework can add more value to your app or website irrespective of the platforms it is being made on. Ruby on Rails works perfectly with Android as well as with iOS.


How Ruby on Rails can make a difference to your project?


Ruby on Rails is a framework that is designed and modified to cope up with the competitive edge, and this helps the developers in making some finished websites and apps without harming productivity and scalability.

Despite being one of the oldest frameworks, most people say that the use of RoR is declining. However, the fact is the opposite because of the platform.

Every business owner wants their business to be successful, and Ruby on Rails is indeed one of the best frameworks for apps and website framework has so much to offer, which is adequate to make a wonderful development.

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Overview of Ruby on Rails architecture


Rails have an architecture named Modal-view-controller. It is divided into 3 parts-

  • Modal- It is the last level in the program that is responsible for maintaining the data.
  • View- This is responsible for displaying the portion of data or whole data to the viewer
  • Controller- This software code manages interactions between modal and view.


The architecture separates the application data, user interface, and control data and takes it to the next level. This is what makes RoR different from all other frameworks.


Is Ruby on Rails still reliable?


Here are some points that assure you about the relevancy and reliability of the Ruby on Rails framework in today’s technological world-

  • Execution is easy-

    When it comes to programming with RoR, the implementation of coding is much more simple for the developers and they can make an app without any hindrance.

  • Can be an asset for a start-up-

    If you own a start-up, you would know that the time is less and there is so much to do. RoR in this scenario is best because of its speed. It can save around 30-40% of your time and you can get a market-ready product within time.

  • Encrypted Security-

    Ruby on Rails offers high security and safeguards the platform from unknown or upcoming attacks, making it a well-versed platform.

  • Latest updates-

    The framework keeps updating and the official team of RoR keeps removing the bugs and errors from it to make the framework more efficient.

    All these points are crucial and make Ruby on Rails a reliable framework without any doubt.

  • Huge community-

    Ruby on Rails has a large community where developers come together and keep improving the code in order to make the framework stable.

  • Huge library of free plugins-

    Ruby on rails has a huge library with countless free plugins that will help make a perfect app or a web app.




Ruby on Rails is a precise framework with a tremendous amount of libraries and plugins that will facilitate a perfect app or web app.

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