What is SaaS ?

SaaS named as “Software as a service”. It is a cloud based software application. This application is used by many users over the internet by subscription .It is the dominant delivery model for needs of enterprise IT service.

Here applications are remotely hosted by the application or service provider ,they made customer on demand over the internet. It is referred to as on-demand software.


Why SaaS ?

SaaS has easier, quicker and cost effective implementation. We know old traditional methods are expensive and time consuming and also we have to purchase software and so for if we use SaaS ,it reduce set up costs and pay for what you use. SaaS gives flexibility to subscribe and plug without underlying method of build and use.

An organization can take advantage of the SaaS model to reduce the IT costs associated with traditional applications like patch management, hardware, upgrades etc.

How To Use SaaS?

Using Cloud Computing as in service ,SaaS becomes the epitome of standards for delivering software products. We have SaaS service provider who take full responsibilities for software installation and configuration.

SaaS as HTML5 for desktop For desktop ,and client software HTML5 technology is required and it is well suited for SaaS enablement.HTML5 has capability of the Rich Internet Application(RIA) without plugins.Desktop applications like Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash required HTML5.

SaaS as Published APIs Public API which needs fast, secure and easy to use data service layer is provided by SaaS. SaaS should have APIs to allow additional capabilities by third party developers. SaaS integrate with other packages like analytics and Big Data applications. It provides services to mobile applications also.

SaaS as Multi Tenancy SaaS lets software vendors control use ,it prohibits copies and facilitates the control of all versions of the software. It allows vendor to build revenue stream with multiple tenants and users. They need server side development and has significant new requirement. Many tenants share the same server are on more demand than single tenant. Though many tenants share this but they are provided a protected and safe sandbox view of the application which is separated from other tenants. Each can tune their metadata for customized look. They provide certain dedicated data storage which does not clashes among data of tenants.

What We Provide as Service ?

We provide SaaS ,considering productivity and performance factor. These are two main factors of success for any company. There is big competition to survive in market ,so for that organization must remain efficient in innovation. Considering problems as challenges ,with potential to make innovative solution is only path for success. With AspireEdge’s SaaS application you can make business application, rich solutions with improved flexibility.

Key Security Elements of SaaS

  • Data Security
  • Network Security
  • Availability
  • Backup
  • SaaS Deployment
  • Regulatory Compliance

Benefits of SaaS

  • Fast Prototyping
  • Network Security
  • ”Pay as you use” pricing model
  • Accessibility from any location
  • SaaS Deployment
  • No to Cathedral Method
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