Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Laravel Framework for Your Upcoming Project

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What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is trustworthy and simple to use. The model-view-controller design pattern is used. Laravel makes use of pre-existing components from other frameworks while building online apps. A more functional and well-organized web application is the result.   


By combining the fundamental components of PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter and Yii as well as other programming languages like Ruby on Rails, Laravel provides a broad range of capabilities. Due to Laravel’s extensive feature set, web development will proceed more swiftly.


Laravel application development will simplify the procedure if you are comfortable with Core PHP and Advanced PHP. Additionally, it saves tremendous time if you intend to build a website from scratch. A Laravel-built website is additionally safe and guarded against numerous web assaults.

It is one of the leading frameworks and all you need is a reliable Laravel development company. Let us now delve more into it to understand the Laravel framework.

Why is Laravel one of the best PHP frameworks?

A seamless framework is exactly what Laravel is, as implied by the term. Laravel development has been slowly gaining popularity as a result of the many advantages it provides. With more than 60k stars on GitHub, Laravel will be the most well-liked PHP framework by 2020. It only has a third as many stars there as Symfony, the second-most popular PHP framework despite being four years older. Not to mention other PHP frameworks that are gradually losing ground, including CodeIgniter, which has only 18k ratings on its repository.


The business logic of a project can move from code to other areas thanks to Laravel’s continuous use of a framework. It expedites development, improves stability, offers stronger security protections, and significantly lessens the amount of work required to maintain code. Despite still having some shortcomings, many developers consider Laravel to be the best PHP framework. There is no such thing as a vacuum. In addition, Laravel provides a large range of built-in tools that can help you save time and effort and manage several low-level jobs while still keeping a pleasant MVC architectural pattern.


Let us now jump on to the top reasons for choosing the top Laravel frameworks–  

Easy Data migration

The one reason that tops the list for choosing Laravel is that it allows you to do the seamless migration without logging into the database manager or doing any SQL queries, quickly build, remove, and modify an application database.

Database schemas can be modified by migrations between the current and intended states. This may entail adding new tables and columns, eliminating some items, or altering constraints and type definitions.

For instance, if you’re working on a team project and need to adjust the application requirements, you might want to consider altering the database.

Usually, a updated.sql file is sent to each team member for them to import into their respective databases. However, because so many things may go wrong and lead the software to malfunction, this technique is neither ideal nor scaleable. The file might not be imported into the database by a team member, or they might import an outdated version of the.sql file.

Eloquent ORM

Laravel’s object-relational mapping feature is known as Eloquent ORM. It is simple for users to deal with database objects and relationships because of the Eloquent ORM’s good syntax. It requires fewer settings because it adheres to industry norms.

Unit testing

Laravel framework automatically provides unit testing for the application, which includes tests to identify and halt framework regressions. A PHP testing frameworks or another unit tool can easily be included in a Laravel application. Unit tests can also be run using the command-line tool artisan.

Open-Source & Powerful Community

Developers of the Laravel framework occasionally run across various issues with web development. There is always someone who has been there and is ready to help you thanks to the large Laravel community.

Laravel is a PHP online application framework that is open-source, free to use, and offers a simple approach to building intricate and sizable web apps with manageable code. So before you start your project, make sure you pick a reliable Laravel development company in UK.

Built-In Authentication and Authorization

Accessing Laravel’s integrated authentication and session services often involve using the Auth and Session facades. These features enable cookies to be used for web browser-based request authentication. They provide methods that enable user authentication and credential checking. The proper authentication information will also be kept in the user’s session by these services, along with automatically creating the user’s session cookie.

Tool Integration for Agile Development

There are multiple tools in Laravel, that allows you to continuously integrate to set up a rock-solid base of your Laravel application development. Together, these tools will improve code quality, cut down on development time, make errors more visible, and in general, make your life simpler.

Checkout the link to know more about these Integration tools that helps in agile development-

Top 11 Laravel Tools That Help in Creating High-Performing Web Apps

Simple API for better and faster development

In a typical synchronous workflow, when a web server receives a request, it executes the work order and then returns a response for the request. However, mostly the server needs to run the requests in the background. So, till the time the user doesn’t have to wait for the response. Laravel manages this with a built-in queue system, a simple API that helps you run your tasks in the background.

URL Routing Configuration

Routing is one of Laravel’s core concepts. Using Laravel’s routing features, you can guide each request made by your application to the appropriate controller. Laravel’s main and primary routes recognise and accept URIs since a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) and closure must be an accessible and expressive method of routing. In this course, you will learn more about Laravel’s routing concept. A closure and a Uniform Asset Identifier are required for the majority of key routes in Laravel development, offering a simple and expressive means of routing.

High Speed with Popular cache backends

Laravel offers a number of cache backends in addition to a dependable and user-friendly caching solution. With Laravel cache, you can quickly and simply switch between a number of caching engines without writing any code.


Although the config/cache.php folder contains the Laravel cache setup, moving between different cache backends often just necessitates the.env file. All you need is the right laravel development company


By utilising the useful capabilities that Laravel cache provides, we are able to design a number of caching strategies.

MVC Support and Object-Oriented Approach

The Model, View, and Controller (MVC) architectural pattern and expressive, beautiful syntax of the Laravel framework make it an object-oriented framework, which is its first and most significant benefit. 


This makes the development super easy for Laravel developers to develop a web app. 


In the end, it becomes clear why choosing Laravel as your web development framework is advantageous. It speeds up and improves the process of building engaging websites. Laravel will meet all of your demands whether you are a startup or an established business.

Contact the top Laravel application Development company as your remote development partner if you’re unsure how to begin the process. Your team’s size can be expanded.

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