Top 11 Laravel Tools that help in creating high-performing web apps


Laravel is considered one of the best and maturing frameworks for developing high-performing web applications. It is an extensive framework and has come a long way in the world of technological changes. The continuous evolution of technologies has bought changes in the Laravel framework too.  


It is a PHP framework that comes with countless benefits to the developer as well as to the user. The developers can save loads of time, and also it has an elegant syntax, which makes it a reliable framework for developing a web app. 

When you choose Laravel, you will get the following advantages-

  • Robust Security 
  • Flexibility across different devices
  • Unbeatable features
  • Smooth performance
  • Multilingual options
  • Streamlined Verification
  • A strong open-source community
These advantages make Laravel a perfect platform and it can do wonders for your project. Not just the benefits, but there are a handful of tools of Laravel that help the developers to create a wonderful website or an app for the client.

Let us now have a look on the list of tools and what are the uses of these tools-


1. Composer-

Composer is one of those tools, which has all the dependencies and libraries. Basically, the composer is an application-level package manager, and the tool offers a standard format in order to manage the dependencies of software and PHP software. 

Composer is considered an integral part of many open-source PHP software which includes Laravel.


2. Bitbucket or Github-

 Every developer will be aware of Github and Bitbucket, since both the platforms offer git services and developers can choose one according to the requirements of the project. If you are developing a portal for a small enterprise, then Bitbucket would be a perfect choice.

With Bitbucket, you can have private repositories as well as you can have a restricted number of collaborators. 


On the other hand, you can pick Github for open source development and you can have limitless collaborators, which makes it the best choice. Hire the best laravel development company in UK for your next laravel project.


3. Laravel Debugger-

This tool is used for Debugging and is the recommended one in the Laravel framework. The framework gives details about debugging, and the queries tab of the debugger shows the number of queries that have been explicitly fired, and the tool is regularly updated and comes with the updated versions of Laravel.


It also shows the route that is being called along with the templates rendered with the length of the passed parameter.


4. PhpStorm-

PhpStorm is the smart IDE tool that fits the best with the Laravel framework and the features of the PhpStorm include- smart code navigation, easy testing and debugging, fast and secure refactoring, etc. This tool has a lot to offer and is the most used tool by Laravel developers. The IDE increases productivity by debugging the codes faster and makes it easy and smooth for the developers to develop a wonderful web or app.


5. User Verification-

This tool adds the conventional method for the verification of users via email. Sometimes a web app requires user verification, and this tool enables the option to add the verification option, and the developer can easily use it without any problem.

After putting the email, a verification link will be sent to users’ email id, from where they can verify their account.


6. Laravel Tinker-

With Tinker, all the objects and events are easily accessible. From the command line, one can simply interact with the project that is using the Laravel framework.


7. Laravel Backup-

It is one of the most crucial tools of the Laravel framework that offers the best web development services. It has the capability to take the backup of all the files in the application. The backup is done with the zip file which contains all the directories that are specified by you. In the project directory, you can find the dump of your database.


The best thing about the Laravel backup is that it can be stored on any file system.


8. Laravel Forge-

This is the tool that automates the deployment with the help of a PHP server. Some other features of forge include- security by default, database backup installs SSL certificates within seconds, you can easily set up SSH keys, it also allows you to restart the devices, and there is so much more about the Laravel forge.


9. Entrust-

The Entrust is a process of adding role-based permissions, and with the help of this permission, the developer can create four different types of tables, which are as follows-

  • Roles Tables- This is used to store role records
  • Role_user Table- This is to store one-to-many relationships between store to the user
  • Permission Table- This one is used to store the permission records on the web
  • Permission_role table- It is used for storing many-to-many relations between roles and permissions


There are many other models in Entrust tool, which include user, route filter, short syntax router filter, soft deleting, and many others.


10. Socialite-

If you want to handle OAuth authentication without any problem, then Socialite is a perfect tool for it. The tool allows you to log in via various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Bitbucket, and others and is one of the most used platforms of the Laravel framework. 


11. Migration-

Migrations are just like the controlled versions of the database, which allows your team to modify it, and also allows you to share application database schema. When you have to tell your teammate to manually add the column in their local database, you might face few problems that can be solved using the Laravel Migration tool.


The tool is paired with Laravel’s schema builder, which makes the laravel application development process much easier, and also entire SQL project can be shared via the migration tool.


Final Thoughts-

Laravel framework is that helps the developer to tailor the functions and helps them in creating a productive website or app.

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