Top 15 Ruby on Rails Gems used by every developer


Ruby on Rails (RoR) is considered to be one of the greatest frameworks. Although there are so many scripting languages in this digital era, Ruby on Rails is still one of the stable, oldest, and best frameworks at present.

It stands out because of the large gems library, which allows developers to make perfect web applications with various features and functionalities. These gems ease the complexity of developing a web app and make it fun and easy.

The gems in RoR are nothing but the tools and libraries created by the Ruby on Rails developers UK. RoR is bundled with the gems, however, the most used gems in 2021 are listed below and might be helpful for you as well.



1. Pry

While generating the code, developers face integration issues in binding the gems while developing the web apps. During such complexities, pry comes to the rescue and helps the developers in dealing with the problems. This is one of the ideal gems that allows the developer to easily set the breakpoints and implement debugging.

Pry has various features like Syntax highlighting, command shell integration, Exotic object support, Runtime invocation, flexible and robust command system.



2. ActiveRecord Import

This Ruby gem eases down developers’ work and helps them easily implant the records. This is functioned according to the ActiveRecord associations while producing marginal SQL insert statements as necessary. When the developers use this gem, they will not face problems with the N+1 insert. 

It is a perfect gem for uploading numerous records and is tremendously beneficial for the import of exterior data. The best thing about the gem is that it reduces the conversion time.



3. Rspec Rails

Rspec Rails is a fantastic gem used for writing unit test cases. The gem facilitates the incorporation of the Rspec framework into the rails project and makes things simpler for the developer. This gem is used in two environments- Behavior-driven development (BDD) and Test-driven development (CDD). 

The syntax of Rspec is so clear that it enables writing the tests as close to human language as possible.



4. Draper

Draper is a gem that allows the user to decorate around the models. It helps the developers in making a clean view without having to transcribe the helpers. Draper offers an efficient way to wrap the models in a presentable way. Draper helps you clean things up with a more object-oriented approach by adding, replacing, or extending an object’s behavior.



5. Devise

Devise is a feasible aid that lets the developer add authentication and authorization for a certain application. Devise gem is best because it makes the work operative and easy.  It helps in building an identification system that has complexities and sculpts a perfect platform. 

In a nutshell, there are many different modules of Device including- Database Authenticatable, Omniauthable, Confirmable, Recoverable, Registrable, Rememberable, Trackable, Timeoutable, Validatable, and Lockable. When you make a web app using this gem, you don’t need to do any code amendments, and this is the reason why Devise comes in the list of prominent Ruby gems.




AHOY is an analytics platform that is used to track events and visits in apps. It is basically an engine of RoR and is responsible for creating visit tickets that have the information about the client’s place of origin of location, traffic source, client device information, etc. It also allows the user to examine the UTM parameters of website visits.



7. Brakeman

Brakeman is a gem that performs the work of a static scanner to identify the vulnerabilities in the application. Since it reports the vulnerabilities sometimes it can also warn unnecessarily and not-so-important notifications. However, developers can easily configure the list of warnings in order to restrict the notifications.



8. Kaminari

Kaminari gem has over five million downloads and it tops the list of most downloaded gems in the Ruby on Rails framework. One can paginate anything with the help of this gem. 

Pagination can be executed from ActiveRecord imports to simpler arrays by utilizing a scope-based application programming interface (API).



9. Active Merchant

Active Merchant is a gem written and maintained by Shopify. This gem aims to help the users with unified APIs, which offer various payment gateways by using different internal APIs. This gem can also be integrated as a plugin and in addition, it provides support when used as a stand-alone library. Incorporating payment gateways with Active Merchant is super easy and it also does not overload the app. 



10. Omniauth

OmniAuth is a flexible authentication system, which uses the Rack middleware. The gem has a huge library that contains an extensive list of ready-to-use providers, which can be used to make an ideal web app.



11. Sidekiq

Sidekiq gem is a very efficient tool of Ruby. It is a Redis-supported library that helps the developer in many ways since it possesses multithreading capacities. When a developer uses these capabilities, it results in remarkable speed. 

The sidekiq gem monitors jobs properly and regularly update the statuses of processing along with the chance to implement the jobs in parallel.



12. Simple_form

A simple form is a gem that helps the developer in developing a flexible form in Ruby on Rails. This gem aims to offer the basic method of designing the form, its layout, and the best part is that most developers find it a visually pleasant code design. It is one of those gems that adds DSL for forms on rails with convenience. Many DSL is derived from Formtastic.



 13. Letter Opener

The letter opener will allow you to see the preview of mails that is sent to you on the browser by your rails application. This makes an effortless experience for users as they can check and edit in the mailbox in simple ways.



14. Delayed Job

Delayed Job is a notable gem that can be trusted for the longer-running actions that are in the background. This can be directly extracted from Shopify where multiple tasks are handled. 

Some other features of Delayed Job include- Image resizing, updating smart collections, HTTP downloads, sending a huge number of newsletters, and updating some after the product changes.



15. Cancancan

If you want to develop a complex application, then your developers will surely use Cancancan. The gem allows user to users to have various rules but developers will have to restrict some users. This gem is a simple way of restricting the access of users and every other thing is manageable in one place only.

The permission from the settings can be changed for the helpers before accessing.




Hire Ruby on Rails developers UK that will help you in building the app and they are surely going to use the gems during the development process. It is essential to use the gems in the right way for building a reliable app.

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