What is goal setting and the importance of goals?


I am sure everyone has heard about the goal and we must have some goals in our life. But, may not everyone be aware about the importance of having goals and how to set it.

Let me explain about goal setting and the importance of it.

Goal settings is the process by which we achieve the goals. Goal setting is a powerful motivator.

Have you asked your mind anytime, why do some people perform better than others? Goal setting theory approaches the issue of motivation from a first-level perspective.

The setting of goals has been shown to increase individual motivation and overall performance of any organisation. Actually, goals affect the intensity of our actions and our emotions. As much more difficult our goals, the more intense our efforts will be in order to attend it, and the more success we experience through achievement.

It should not have to start with any big goal but better to start with small goals. As we will achieve any little goals which create a feeling like achievement of something. It will create more confidence and self belief that I can – I will.

Principles of Goal Settings

1. Commitment: Attachment to a goal.

2. Clarity: Specify goals.

3. Challenge: Degree of goal’s difficulty.

4. Complexity: Degree of goal’s demand.

5. Feedback: Presence of progress reporting.

Goal Settings

Yes, There are some essential skills required for successful goal setting and achievement.

1. Planning: Through proper planning, we can prioritize our tasks and focus on top most things to do it. Also, we can avoid destruction that can draw us away from the end goal.

2. Self-motivation: It is required to continuously motivate ourselves to focus and try on our goal until achieving it. Sometimes in more challenging situations, the motivation to keep going is a powerful contributor to goal achievement.

3. Time Management: Time is the most crucial thing which we will not get back at any cost. So, it’s management is most important to use it wisely and achieve our goals. Each goal must define a specific date and time to achieve it. If we do not consider the timescale required to attain a goal, we will inevitably fail.

4. Flexibility: Having the flexibility to adapt to barriers. We must become flexible to achieve our goal instead of sticking to a single way.

5. Commitment and focus: We must have to commit to our goals else goals setting will not work. The goals are important and relevant to the personal level.

I personally believe that we should have to achieve not only in our job or business, but also should not have any specific only money orientation goals as we all know that we are not happy with only money.

Your goals should cover your every aspect of your life. We all have goals for body, mind soul, business/job, relationship, society.

Every aspect has an importance in our life and I am sure that all are connected with our happiness. So, we should have to make goals in every aspect and make a plan to achieve it simultaneously.

We all have the capacity to adapt and achieve our goals in a defined time-frame. We just have to be aware about it and start work on it today.

All the best!

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