What is Node.JS and Why you should use Node.JS in the project?


Right now, Node.js is booming the market. Due to its amazing features, Walmart, Netflix, LinkedIn, etc… such big organizations switched to Node.js. Usually, people ask why it is so popular, one of the biggest reasons behind it is because it uses JavaScript as its main language to build web applications. With Node.js, JavaScript has literally revolutionized on the server. The language is common to most web developers and is certainly driving the world today.


What is the future scope of Node.js?

As someone who has been coding for 10 years now, and tried multiple languages like Java, C, C#, PHP, Python and Javascript, I can surely say that NodeJs will be the future.


Here are some reasons for the same:

Power of JavaScript – JavaScript is the only language which enabled you to write the code in the same syntax in the backend as well as frontend. Perhaps, Node.js is the key to its success.


Asynchronous – While many languages support asynchronous jobs, Node.js wins the competition and it doesn’t need extra settings for the same. With it’s this feature it is a way too easy to utilize the complete value of your resources and build truly engaging experiences.


NPM – You can find hundreds of utilities and ready-made solutions for common as well as not-so-common problems. NPM makes it easy to make and implement reusable code made by other experts into your application.


Ability to make desktop, web, VR and mobile apps – Using Node.js as the backend utility, it is possible to make high-performance desktop, web, VR and even mobile apps with JavaScript.


Server-Side Rendering – With this feature of Node.js, server-side rendering concern for SEO’s are gone. Node.js makes pages super fast and deliver them to the clients in pure HTML.


Why Businesses Consider Node.js Better Than Others?

Due to its non-blocking, lightweight, proficient structure, and event-driven I/O, Node.JS development drives businesses eyes to select Node.js as the best option for their websites. Ramin Beheshti – The Chief Product officer and Technology officer at Dow Jones, who is also the owner firm of Wall Street Journal says “The simple truth is Node has reinvented the way we create websites. Developers build critical functionality in days, not weeks.”


Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Google’s high-performance open source JavaScript engine. This platform helps Node JS to run data acceleration efficiently and dynamically. It also empowers the websites to act more responsive with utmost security and no glitches. Director of Engineering at PayPal, Jeff Harrell says “Node JS powers our web applications and has allowed our teams to move much faster in bringing their designs to life.”


Node.js Features That are Helping Businesses

Node.js provides high performance to an application with its advanced features. It works beyond configuration and more on a convention. These features are helpful for a developer as well as for businesses. They make your application development faster, easier and money saving. Some of these major features are,


Scalability – Node JS allows developers to scale an application in both horizontal as well as vertical scales. It improves the performance of your application and prevents it from crashes.


Non-blocking and Event Driven I/O – The non-blocking features of Node JS allows your application to run the seamless operation without blocking and waiting for information inputs. It sends information and executes other tasks parallelly. It can fetch information whenever it receives from the server.


Simple Testing – Node JS helps you with unit testing. Many good testing libraries are available to make this task easier for the developers.


These were the features that boost Node JS Web Development and outperform superior application processing. Its non-blocking I/O and multiple scalable modules deliver high performance for your application. The power of the V8 JavaScript engine executes JavaScript codes.


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