What is Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)? Reasons to use the approach for successful results


When you are investing in the project, you expect it to be perfect. The project manager has the pressure to deliver the project on a decided schedule and under the proper budget. During this complex time, they use the Breakdown Structure. In this cutting-edge competition in the business world, it becomes vital for them to use this tactic in order to make the project successful.  The project managers merge organizational skills, interpersonal abilities, and analytical ideas to bring out the best from the project. 


In this article, we will briefly walk you through the project management and Work breakdown structure (WBS). When it comes to planning the project, it becomes important to know the WBS concept. Here, you will get to know everything about the structure and how it can reduce the complexity of the various steps throughout the process.


Keep reading to know more about WBS and how it can be beneficial for project management.

Let’s delve more into it and understand the WBS concept

Let us explain to you with an example. Imagine you own an animation company and now one of your clients wants a computer game. Making a game is not an easy task, and you are in a perplexing situation, where you already have a lot of projects. What would you do here? How would you complete such a crucial task efficiently and that too in the given time?

Ideally, to get the best results you must divide the tasks and assign the same to your team. When you delegate the work equally, it not only brings the finest of results but this is a quick idea too. 

This is what exactly the work breakdown structure is. You get appropriate results because you are breaking down the work among the experts. 

The ideal thing to do in the business is that- divide and assign the tasks according to the specialization of executives so that everyone in the team can easily achieve it and provide the apt results. That’s how the Work Breakdown Structure works in the project management procedure.

What exactly is the Work Breakdown Structure?

Work Breakdown Structure is a well-known management tool. It is basically a diagram that helps in breaking down the large projects in order to make them manageable and easy to handle. This not only makes the tasks easier but also helps to accomplish the outcomes that are needed.

It’s deliverables-oriented approach, which allows the team to divide the project and work packages that define the duration, costs, work, and how tasks will be carried out.

WBS has a hierarchical structure, and it usually has three levels of decomposition. Therefore, when the project is complex, you may be able to add more levels for say fourth or fifth for your convenience. In a dilemma of the levels you need? Consult the Agile Ruby on Rails development company.

Reasons, why one should use Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), should be used during the project management

1. To set the budget precisely

The reason that tops the list is budget. WBS approach allows the project manager to delegate equal work among the team and here they can make sure to complete the whole project without increasing the efforts. On the other hand, the structure also helps the managers to increase the overall success rate of the project.

2. Recognizing the possible risks

The second and the most crucial reason to choose the WBS approach is this. It will help you to identify risks and threats at the initial stage so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and extra cost on the project. Every client-centric company has one aim and that is to deliver the project without any errors, and here during this approach, you will be able to recognize the risks and even eliminate them.

3. Proper implementation of the plan

Another point that gives you the reason to use WBS is that you need to execute the plan properly. Using Work Breakdown Structure is a no-brainer because here, the delegation is proper on every stage, and also the project manager can seamlessly handle the project. With the WBS approach, the execution becomes more predictable and can be done easily.

Let us now have a look at the different types of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Phase-Based Structure-

It becomes necessary to handle your tasks properly while working on any project since the success rate of that project depends on how you handle it. The point is that the success rate always depends on how you handle all the tasks when working on any project. When you find errors in phase 1 it will surely affect the progress of phase 2 and this will affect the whole project lifecycle at the end.

However, with a Phase-based structure, you can simply execute the process.

  • Delivery-Based Structure-

It is obvious that the credibility of a business always relies on the number of projects that are delivered successfully. In case, if you fail to deliver the project that you committed to, the possibility of not getting projects will increase since your clients will be unlikely to trust you for further work. To avoid such breaks in your project, ensure that you are following the Delivery-based structure for your project properly since it is a necessity. 

When you use this structure, you can keep track of activities that will help you achieve the deliverable that you promised to your client.


  • Responsibility-Based Structure-

To end up on a successful note, it becomes necessary to assign the responsibilities properly to all the executives working on the project. When you delegate the responsibility properly, there come two advantages- 1) You will have clarity about who is working on which task, 2) All the people will have a clear vision about what they are working on and what they need to achieve. This increases the success rate of the project automatically.

With the help of this structure, you will be easily able to describe your project according to the responsibilities every executive possesses.


When you follow this approach, you will surely be able to get the best results out of this procedure. All it takes is some knowledge and you are all set to go ahead. 

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