Why Startups Use Ruby On Rails?


More and extra startup companies these days are using Ruby on Rails to develop their website. If you’re part of the start-up ecosystem, chances are you’ve heard the phrase being thrown around a ton of times. Perhaps, you are thinking about why ROR development companies are in high demand today!

Well, before we get started, let’s address the elephant in this window.


What Is Ruby On Rails? Why Startups Use Ruby On Rails?

Ruby is a programming language developed to, simply put, and make coders happy. It isn’t very different from the ton of other languages out there except that it’s super fun and super easy to code in. Rails are the web application framework that works with Ruby and enable you, me and others to develop websites.


So essentially, Ruby on Rails is an extremely flexible and easy to learn the language that allows coders to spend more time on strengthening their programming fundamentals. Now, this brings us to our first reason for the popularity and demand of a ROR development company in UK.


When the inspiration behind creating a language itself is to come up with something that’s easy to work with, you can rest assured of a small learning curve. In start-up companies, projects often need completion on short deadlines. Therefore, a framework like Rails that can deliver quick results becomes the ideal tool.


Ruby on Rails Development is an open-source framework spread under the MIT license. This essentially means that working with Rails practically requires no expenditure. In fact, Gems lets you add features without having to develop them from the scratch. You can find plenty of Gems for any purpose on platforms such as Github. Hence, Rails allow start-ups to work with limited budget.


Due to its open-source nature, Ruby on Rails constantly benefits from contributions made by developers around the world. A developer familiar with ROR would be able to look for exactly what he needs, use an additional plugin and develop his own website.

Rails provide the developer with a ready-made solution which he only needs to use as per his discretion and objective. This saves development time by about 30-40%. Also, ROR runs on most platforms out of the box, thereby making it highly compatible. So, for a consistent ROR Development Company, the software development rate is also lower which added make them a favored choice.


Rails Are SECURE

The Ruby on Rails development is one the most secure frameworks out there. Since their very launch, great attention has been paid to the security and reliability of the Ruby on Rails apps. Programmers follow the Secure Development Lifecycle and in the event of something going wrong, the rest of the community reacts quickly to solve issues.

Every time you run into an issue with a propriety language, you need to avail their paid customer support. Now, the advantage of working with an open source framework like ROR is that excited Rails coders are always out there, ready to help you whenever you need it.


Unlike with those other languages, you don’t waste time. You don’t waste money. Most importantly, you don’t waste your energy. Also, there are plenty of online schools that highlight Ruby on Rails Development as their language of choice. The Rails association is only going to get better over the coming years!


Every ROR development company and every employee of that company symbolizes the ethos of Rails. This is a language founded on the necessity of community participation and rapid evolution – both of which are hallmarks of a start-up company. These are several of the prime reasons why ROR finds choice among start-ups. In detail, apart from all of these reasons, Rails is just a fun framework to work with for developers.

However, the ROR framework constantly keeps changing with the trends. So, a ROR developer needs to constantly updated with the latest developments and updates.

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